Effects of contact lens on eyes

Eeman Sarfraz:6/29/2022

Eyes are the most beautiful part of one’s body. Not does it only adds to the beauty, it connects important veins to the brain to transmit sight neuron  signals. Some people consider glasses to be a bad addition for their outlook, and would want to replace them with contact lens instead. As much as contact lens is seemed to be a better replacement of glasses, it too demands a great care.  

Advantages and Care of Contact Lens

The lens give a great clarity to the eye sight. It helps to clear your view in rain, unlike glasses, which becomes so dusky and makes your vision poor. For people who have beauty preferences, the contacts come in multiple shaded, thus, giving them a range of colours to choose from. Apart from all the advantages that contacts hold, they demand a great care. They have an expiry date, and should not be used after the date is over, else it would become dangerous for the eyes and sight. The hygiene of contacts must also be taken care of. Usage of uncleaned or expired contact lens may result in permanent loss of sight. Even a small amount of dirt left on your lens can cause severe eye infections. Similarly, you cannot sleep with your lens on,  as it results in severe negative effects on eyes. 

For how many hours should Contact Lens be worn?

The time usage of lens depends upon the quality of lens. A good quality lens can be worn for the whole day, whereas the compromised quality lens may start to irritate after a few hours, depending upon their ability. If the lens irritate the eyes, they must be removed immediately. Even for the good quality contacts, doctors advise the users to not wear them more than eight hours continuously. 

The first time wearing of lens may cause irritation. Our eyes are very sensitive  to introduction of any external body. It may take a day or two for eyes to get used to the lens. But if the irritation intensity is great, it is advised to remove the lens immediately. One should never compromise on the quality of lens. Preferred lens material is silicon hydrogel lens, as it is very delicate for the eyes and makes more room for better oxygenation. 

Does Contact Lens cause drying out of eyes?

Yes, almost all lens make your eyes go dry. The symptoms of dry eyes are:

  • Feeling the dryness in eyes
  • Disturbed eyeball movements
  • Redness of eyes
  • Excess water discharge from the eyes
  • Eyes getting extremely sensitive to light

The use of contacts lens solution, and other prescribed eyedrops by the doctors is advised in the above mentioned condition. You should keep your eyes moisturised in one way or the other to prevent the drying out of eyes. 

Allergies and Infections

As for the allergy and infection, are eyes are prone to develop infections if any external bacteria/ virus enters the eyes. The major cause of developing eye infection or allergies from the use of contact lens is the carelessness in hygiene level of lens, using low quality lens, using expired/broken lens, wearing lens for more than a specific hours, not washing the eyes regularly and using the lens that are not compatible with your eyes. Microbial keratitis is a serious type of eye infection that occurs mostly in people who use contact lens. This infection can lead to blindness or the need for corneal transplant if the infection gets severe. Microbial keratitis can usually be prevented through healthy habits and proper care of contact lenses and supplies .

If one is careful about all the aforementioned instruction, you can undoubtedly make contact lens part of your daily routine!


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