Tips for Long, Healthy and Voluminous Hair

Eeman Sarfraz:7/19/2022

Hair growth can sometimes take forever! Growing hair as well as maintaining its health is not an easy process and requires a lot of attention, time and consistency. On average, hair grows 6 inches per year, but may vary based on your hair conditions and external factors. This growth goes unnoticed when one suffers from hair fall. Some people are lucky enough to have genetically healthy, smooth and abundant hair, but for the rest of us, we have to sweat blood to have the hair we wish for. But fear not! Today we will tell you some effective tips and diet for your hair care.

Steps for Hair Growth and Nourishment:

Trim Split Ends

Split ends diminishes the hair growth. To initiate regular and proper hair growth, one needs to get rid of split ends. It is to be noted that frequent trimming your hair does not actually starts your hair growth. Trimming is necessary to avoid the split ends. Split ends make the hair strand weak, resulting in hair breakage.

Use Shampoo with Minimal Chemicals

Shampoos are used to cleanse the scalp, remove any dirt residing in the hair and help penetrate the essential oils in your scalp. The ingredients in your shampoo effects your hair and scalp health way more than you think they do. Similarly, one should be careful about the conditioner he/she uses. It is recommended to use silicon free products for hair. Following are some of the harmful ingredients that should be avoided in your hair products: parabens, sodium chloride, formaldehyde, dimethicone, polyethylene glycols and alcohol. Also, avoid the daily use of shampoo and conditioners.

Say NO to Bleach

Bleach is used to transform hair from darker tone to the lighter ones. As much as it looks appealing and glamorous for your look, bleach can have severe negative results on your hair health. Bleach works by breaking the inside protein of your hair. Not only does bleach makes the outer hair look dry and frizzy, it also breaks the inner bonds of the hair. As a result, the overall hair structure is compromised, leading to severe hair fall, hair breakage, split ends and scalp complications in some cases.

Avoid Heat Exposure

Excess of heat damages the hair to its core. A few times of hair styling is acceptable, but introducing heat (especially high amount of heat) regularly to hair causes the weakening of hair, hair breakage and ultimately leads to hair fall.

Brush Hair Regularly

Brushing your hair with gentle strokes increases the blood circulation in hair follicles, resulting in better nourishment of scalp and hair. Before brushing, try using small amount of vitamin E enriched oil to smooth out any tangles and knots in hair, else brushing frizzy or dry hair might cause them to damage.

Treat Dandruff on Priority Basis

Untreated dandruff is one of the main causes of hair fall. Dandruff is basically a type of fungus (called malassezia), which, when resides on the scalp, causes severe itchiness and damage of hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. It takes away the freshness and smoothness of hair away. Dandruff can be treated with oiling the scalp. In case of severe dandruff, our the counter anti-dandruff lotions and shampoos would prove to be helpful and effective.

Products for Hair Care

Below we list some of the best products to give life to lifeless hair.

Tresemme Keratin Repair Shampoo (plus conditioner)

This is one of the effective shampoos for hair protein nourishment. It makes the hair look and feel softer, healthier and shinier.

Ogx Nourishing Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist

Coconut is one of the best ingredients to use on hair for many uses: hair growth, nourishment, scalp health, volume, treat dryness and control hair fall. The above mentioned product is useful for the hair treatment. If this product is not available to you, you can go for any other good product with virgin coconut being the key ingredient.

Pantene Pro-V Vitamin E dry Oil Repair

Vitamin E helps a lot in maintaining the health of hair and scalp. Using this vitamin E product will not make your hair look greasy at all (since it is a dry shampoo), hence, it is alright to use it regularly. The use of it makes hair look much smoother and removes the frizziness.


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