What Causes Acidity in Stomach? Symptoms and Tips to Manage Acidity

Mashal Afzal:9/1/2023

With a Pakistani lifestyle, maintaining good health is crucial. One of the most common health problems faced by Pakistanis is Acidity (Acid Reflux). Understanding acidity, its origins, symptoms, and practical management techniques adapted for our Pakistani way of life will help you take control of your health, whether you’ve experienced it yourself or know someone who has. We’ll go into great detail about what causes acidity in stomach?symptoms and tips to manage it.

What Is Acidity? Acidity, sometimes referred to as “Tezabiat” or “Qabz,” happens when the acidic contents of the stomach leak back into the throat. This occurs when the “Lower Esophageal Sphincter” (LES), a ring-shaped muscle that separates the throat from the stomach, malfunctions. The sensitive throat lining is then irritated by the stomach acid, producing that all-too-familiar burning feeling.

What Causes Acidity in Stomach?

Following are few things reasons that causes acidity in stomach:

Food Preferences

Consuming tea, masala-filled dishes, spicy, greasy, or lemony foods can all contribute to acidity.

Lifestyle Implications

Overeating, eating right before bed, and resting flat after a filling meal are all acid reflux causes.

Weight Issues

The pressure from carrying excess weight causes the stomach to push acid back into the throat.

Tobacco Addiction

Smoking inhibits the LES and stimulates the creation of additional stomach acid, therefore smokers frequently experience acidity.


Drinking too much tea might loosen the LES, allowing acid to pour upwards.

Stomach Issues

Acidity can be caused by stomach-centered problems like Qabz, gas, and bloating.

Symptoms and Tips to Manage Acidity

Symptoms of Acidity in Stomach


Do you ever experience it after a particularly filling meal? That is heartburn, indeed.

Acid Burps

Burping Tangy Fluid? Regurgitation is an indication of acidity.

Swallowing Problems

A narrowed throat and irritation can make swallowing difficult.

Chesty Matters

Even though the pain in the chest may feel like a heart attack, it’s usually just acidity playing tricks.

Persistent Coughs

An acid irritant may cause a persistent cough.

Talking Hoarsely

If your vocal cords are affected by acid, your voice may sound hoarse.

Tips to Manage Acidity

Eat Healthy Diet

Healthy diet that includes whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and dahi. Eat less spicy and fatty food.

Keep Intervals between Eating and Lying Down

Keep a two to three hour interval between lying down after eating and avoid doing so.

Sleep with Elevated Head

Sleep with your head elevated to prevent acid reflux.

Lose Excess Weight

Losing excess weight might relieve stomach strain.

Home Remedies to Reduce Acidity in Stomach

Use Ginger

Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties might calm your stomach, use Adrak in Chai/Tea or Qahwas.

Chamomile Tea

The relaxing effects of chamomile tea may be the solution.

Aloe Vera

Juice from aloe plants helps soothe a sore throat.



By neutralizing stomach acid, over-the-counter antacids can offer immediate relief.


Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) or H2 blockers may be prescribed by physicians for chronic acidity.

In conclusion, understanding acidity’s mysteries is the first step in defeating it. What causes acidity in stomach? Symptoms and tips to manage acidity. By knowing these, you can avoid acidity by adopting lifestyle modifications, following our regional food wisdom, and obtaining professional advice when necessary. Never forget that taking control of your health is a step towards living a rich and healthy life.

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