Foods for a Healthy Heart

Eeman Sarfraz:7/6/2022

Heart is the pillar of the body. It is connected to almost all of the organs in the human anatomy. The whole body looks upon the heart for blood supply. A failure of heart can lead to instant death of a person. Cardiovascular diseases are, till date, one of the major sources of death worldwide. As per a survey, it alone globally caused death of 32% of people who suffered from cardiovascular diseases. 

Diet and exercises play a vital role in maintaining the health of heart and have a major impact on risks leading to heart diseases, both positive and negative effects. Today, we list out a certain foods that must be utilized in order to maximize heart health.

Green (leafy) vegetables:

Leafy vegetables like spinach, green cabbage etc are a rich source of minerals, vitamins(specially vitamin K) and antioxidants. Vitamin K helps in protecting blood arteries and cause proper blood clotting. These vegetables also reduce blood pressure, manages the stiffness of arteries and improves the blood vessels’ cells. Addition of leafy vegetables in your regular diet and lower the risk of heart disease to a noticeable level.


Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fats, which is one of the best nutrients to lower the cholesterol level. A high cholesterol level is a major cause of increased heart diseases. It has been demonstrated via many studies that avocados possess the ability to lower lipids and provide heart protecting effects. In terms of further nutrients, a single avocado contains almost 950mg of potassium. The advised amount of potassium intake for an average adult is 4700mg per day. 

Fish Liver Oil:

Fatty fish (e.g. tuna and salmon) are a wealthy source of omega-3 fatty acids.Omega-3 has proven to be extremely beneficial for the better functioning of heart. Intake of fish reduces arrhythmias, lowers blood cholesterol, blood triglycerides, sugar and blood pressure. Fish oil supplements are also available in market for those who do not prefer the consumption of seafood. 

Walnuts and Almonds:

Walnuts are a source of fibre, magnesium, copper and manganese. These micronutrients are very important to health of heart. In general, all the nuts are beneficial for heart, but walnuts specifically gives cardiovascular protection. Walnuts are rich in antioxidants, promotes a healthy gut movement and prevents the deposition of plaque in blood arteries. 

Almonds are loaded with a number of nutrients important for heart care. They provide monounsaturated fats. Almonds help in removing bad cholesterol from blood, thus, clearing the blood arteries and avoiding the build up of plaque in vessels. It is recommended to take 23 almonds per day for an average adult. 


Beans are loaded with minerals and fibres. Intake of beans lowers the blood cholesterol level, which is a leading cause of major heart diseases. They are rich in proteins and antioxidants as well. Beans can be consumed via salads or cooked and baked ones. Best categories of beans are soy beans, black beans and red beans. 

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolates contain antioxidants, which fights the risk of heart diseases. One should keep in mind that dark chocolates are only beneficial if they are not coated with sugar and saturated fats. Chocolates rich in cocoa beans should be preferred to add in diet. It is to be kept in mind that only a certain amount of chocolate should be added. In your diet, as excess of chocolate can cause negative effects on the body and may increase blood sugar level.


Your diet affects your whole body and its functioning, especially the heart. The foods have a great impact on maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sugar and triglycerides, which in return optimize or minimize the heart health. Having a balanced diet keeps your heart in good state. But it is to be noted that effect of foods on heart condition is independent of the other factors effecting the heart. Diet is one of the many factors contributing to the state of the heart.

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