Patient Empowerment: How Shared Decision Making is Transforming Healthcare

Mashal Afzal:2/16/2023

The idea of patient empowerment is essential to contemporary healthcare because it emphasizes the value of involving patients in their treatment choices. By placing patients at the center of the decision-making process, shared decision-making is one strategy that is revolutionizing the way healthcare is provided.

In the past, patients were thought of as passive recipients of care while healthcare professionals were seen as the experts. Shared decision-making, on the other hand, acknowledges that patients have particular needs, preferences, and values that must be taken into account when making decisions about their health. Under this strategy, patients and healthcare professionals work together to decide by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Healthcare providers and organizations are embracing shared decision-making as a way to enhance patient outcomes and healthcare quality. It has been demonstrated to improve patient satisfaction, lessen decisional conflict, and promote the more appropriate and economical use of healthcare services.

Using decision aids is one way that shared decision-making is changing healthcare. These are tools that support patients in making decisions that are consistent with their values and preferences by helping them better understand their health condition and available treatment options. Decision aids are frequently used in conjunction with a healthcare provider and come in a variety of formats, including pamphlets, videos, and online tools.

Patient engagement and self-management promotion are two additional ways that shared decision-making are changing healthcare. The likelihood that patients will actively manage their health is higher when they are allowed to participate in healthcare decisions. This can result in better health outcomes and a higher quality of life.

Policymakers and healthcare systems are both embracing shared decision-making as a way to boost quality and cut costs in healthcare. For instance, a nonprofit organization called the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) supports studies on patient-centered care and shared decision-making. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) also contains provisions that support patient-centered care and shared decision-making.

Last but not least, patient empowerment and shared decision-making are revolutionizing healthcare by putting patients at the center of treatment selection. Healthcare professionals can improve patient outcomes and cut costs by giving patients the information and assistance they need to make decisions that are in line with their values and preferences. Shared decision-making is likely to become a more crucial method of providing patient-centered care as healthcare continues to change.


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